About This Blog

This is Feng Gao’s “Spring rites” blog, in the sense that his twin blogs, “Feng Gao’s Space: Analysis of Current Affairs, Politics & History” and “Feng Gao’s Blog – Echoes of My Space“, are the “Fall rites” while his blog, “Feng Gao’s Blog – Reflections on Events of Interest“, is the “Winter rites”.

Feng Gao also has blogs in China, “高峰的凤凰博客–略知其云 Feng Gao at Ifeng“, “高峰的网易博客–从头越,苍山如海“, and “高峰的新浪博客–换了人间“, and a WordPress mirror site, “高峰的博客 – A refreshed feeling“.

There is also a website, “FengGao.ORG – Portal to Various Blog Topics and Articles“, which features synopses for the blog articles.

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